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severedbond inquired: -Currently taking a nap on her bed.

Kicks the bed to wake him.


                     "How’d the hell did you get in here?"




Ah- he had been forced away, the short hadn’t allowed him to find her scent. A brief moment of confusion crossed him. Clearly not understanding that this wasn’t a normal thing to do. Many new of his strange habit, and no one scolded him for it. They all knew something was off when it came to Kagura.

The way he was brought up had ensured that he wouldn’t be normal like the rest. Finally he spoke, golden eyes focusing on her as he tried to get near her once again. “My wench.—- Are you Silvie?” He sounded desperate. A lost dog looking for his owner.

Taking hold of her wrist he brought her hand upwards. Nose pressing against her palm, he had repeated what he had done earlier. Sniffing her, this time he was able to take in her scent. Only to end up disappointed. “Your scent it’s too sweet.” His attention was no longer on her, her hand was pushed away as he scanned the crowd. She had become invisible to him, her words leaving no impact. 

                  "Does it look like my name is fucking Silvie?!"

Her experience with odd people wasn’t limited to but in that aspect this by far was a rather strange encounter as well as aggravating. Once again her regard for personal space was simply tossed out of the way as he nosed her hand like some sort of dog. It was weird and left her wishing free showers were about as numerous as portable toilets. Wiping a hand upon her hip she’d curl her other into a fist and unceremoniously decked him in the stomach about as hard as she could muster her strength. Even if his attention wasn’t on her it would damn sure be so now.

             “I don’t give a fuck who you’re looking for,

                         touch me again and I’ll bury your ass 15 feet below the damn earth.”

While six was the customary length adding several inches onto it was meant to be a testament of her fury though she supposed that punch to his gut would’ve clued him in enough. Rude people never sat well with the scarlet nor did the idiots or the annoying ones. The fact that he held the perfect trifecta served to increase her rage and urge to threaten harm more so than normal. It never tailed to do so when she saw it in others nor did it fail now.

     “Why don’t you take a normal ass approach

                                     and carry around a fucking picture for fucks sake?!”

She waved her fist at him again this time wanting him to run off or at least leave her be.




  ~✿~  Distant screams bellowed along the streets. Girls scurried away from the unruly man. He hadn’t shown an ounce of remorse as he tugged them along, only to sniff the top of their heads. He was in search for something, no someone. It was only when he approached her did he notice the color of her hair.

            It was the same as his, although neater, tamed. Suddenly taking hold of her wrist he pulled her close. An arm finding it’s way along her waist. Leaning in, his nose nuzzling against her locks. Then he did something strange he took in her scent, sniffing her as he tried to formulate her smell.

Who in the hell did he think he was, thought the scarlet as a firm glare surfaced over her features. It was one thing to grab her, two to wrap an arm around her but to sniff her on top of all that? Oh no, she wasted no time in unleashing her lethal fury as she gave his body a decent shove, glare deepening as she held a fist up. Threatening to use it to beat the very soul from his body if he so much as touched her once more.

      “I don’t know who the fuck you are

                                   but oughta beat you black and fucking blue you little shit.”

She seethed, teeth bared like some sort of animal, grinding back and forth as if she were containing her rage or rather waiting for the moment to release it. Her fist fell to her side, her other hand balling u to do the same as she continued to glare him down. This sort of display usually forced people to either leave or engage her though she was hoping for the latter. She wanted him to give her another reason to tear him to shreds.

severedbond inquired: -Headbutts her.


                                  “AND WHAT THE HELL WAS WHAT FOR?!”

severedbond inquired: -gentle hip thrust


                                “… Are you okay?”

Not gonna lie, she was tempted to touch the butt just then.




"Does it look like I care. I told you to get food."

                      “I’m not your damn dog, I don’t go fetch just because you said so. Go get your own food.”




"You were gone for over a month, it’s the least you can do. " 

                    "Cut me some slack will yah, I had some shit to take care of."




Hate you.

"Hn. If you’re done nagging you should make yourself useful and go to the store. We don’t have anymore food."

                     "You go, I’m tired."

Right, because it’s smart to hate the person that cooks your food.